Big Data Proactive Risk Management

HANA.EXPERT Generates Measurable Value through Big Data and Analytics




Adapting in a Dynamic, Complex Environment - Real-Time decision engine that interacts with the external environment and the user environment to inform of critical time-based decisions.

Solution for collection, integration and analysis of financial information from several manufacturers’ global supply bases to monitor supplier health, provide early warnings of financial distress, prioritize mitigation efforts and support new business award decisions.

Transforming to a Data-Driven Organization - Analytical Transformation Roadmap created to connect disparate data solos and address challenges cutting across people, process, and technology.

Enterprise Performance Management transformation including standardization of data hierarchies and KPIs, establishment of a corporate reporting center and reporting automation.

Generating Value from Big Data and Analytics - Automated early product quality warning and competitive position reporting from social media using a Big Data social media data set.

Issue identification, scoring and prioritization with systematic evaluation of over 8 million transactions from client’s travel and expense and credit card transactions.

Business-Driven, Technology Enabled - Optimized schedule for a complex events organization with cloud-based optimization software.

Enhanced loan origination data set using machine learning and name resolution to serve as an input for a bank’s a predictive risk model.

Alerted client to potential red flags associated with new product line and assisted in integration of Privacy-by-Design process. Risk exposure model assessment and scoring on hundreds of models to identify fair lending risk associated with protected groups. Risk scoring and rating system to identify and report vulnerabilities.