Big Data Proactive Risk Management

Compliance GMP Analytics

GMP analytics and Big Data platform, which empowers pharmaceutical engineers and healthcare analysts access to data, standard analyses, and reports to support process understanding, process monitoring, and regulatory compliance. Healthcare organizations want to review the latest detail information about the manufacture of their products. The data is in disparate databases requiring data extraction, transformation and loading, aggregation, and alignment  across data historians, LIMS, SAP, and other systems. Companies want to review the yields and quality with a high degree of scrutiny. They also need access to the continuous and discrete data to identify and troubleshoot any issues. Our clients want a business intelligence solution to manage queries, analysis templates, report templates, and dashboards. The Quality Assurance Analytics provide multivariate analytics, designed for predicting quality outcomes using predictive analytics.



The GMP and Quality Assurance Analytics solution helps companies to reduce cost and reduce lost materials, lost processing time, lost engineering resources, and enhance the supply chain. The GMP Analytics solutions helps during FDA Audits. The FDA and regulatory agencies Wants better compliance to ensure safety and efficacy. Regulatory agencies continue to emphasize GMP compliance. Our clients can use the GMP Analytics solution to review quality or process issues with the regulatory agencies. Our expertise includes analytics of development, validation of methods, compliance of GMP requirements, and quality assurance validation documentation. HANA.EXPERT provides analytics and data-intensive decision-making.