Big Data Proactive Risk Management

HANA.EXPERT and Big Data Enable You to make smarter decisions - faster, with real-time analytics three thousand times faster in a Secure environment.

HANA.EXPERT helps Successful companies to understand the business imperatives and to link analytics to support the business imperatives. Big Data projects need to begin in the Company’s boardroom with support from our Big Data Subject Matter Experts and Analyst. Our industry Subject Matter Experts help you match your business goals and objectives with the technology solutions. HANA.EXPERT employees Data Science PHDs who have research skills, find patterns in Big Data, and write statistical models. Big Data projects need a solid understanding of the business requirements and benefits. The technology is a tool to achieve the business goals and objectives. HANA.EXPERT is a leading Big Data, Analytics Consulting Advisory firm in the U.S. We have a national presence throughout the country, providing services to clients in the commercial and public sectors.

HANA.EXPERT has deep Healthcare industry expertise and we understand that each industry has specific opportunities, and challenges. We have more industry-specific experience than any of the other Big Data, Business Intelligence technology consulting firm. HANA.EXPERT has experts who have a career emphasis in the area of Business Intelligence, Management Information Reporting and Enterprise Data Warehousing for more than fifteen years. Our Subject Matter Experts provide a level of expertise and experience that is unique in the industry.

HANA.EXPERT’s Healthcare practice offers business intelligence, information security, regulatory compliance, and technology consulting services to providers, payers, and suppliers around the country. We serve healthcare clients, providing assistance with information and business risk management, Big Data, analytics operations improvement, and business intelligence performance improvement.

We are structure to address the needs of the Healthcare industry:

• Providers, including hospitals, academic medical centers, health systems, physician groups, and physician practice management companies, long-term care facilities, post-acute care services, ambulatory care services, and disease management programs.

• Payers, including managed care organizations, indemnity insurers, government payers, and other medical insurance models.

• Suppliers, including pharmaceutical suppliers, medical device suppliers, biotechnology companies and distributors, and other industry intermediaries.