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HANA.EXPERT Data Blending and Data Preparation

Data blending is when you blend data from multiple data sources into a single infoprovider. Data blending is used when you have related data in multiple data sources that you want to analyze together in a single view.

Today, critical business decisions require the aggregation or data blending of multiple data from different sources and in large volumes. HANA.EXPERT provides a tool for data analysts to access, clean, and blend data using an intuitive graphical interface to drag and drop all data to be blended. This tools enables business analysts who know the data and the business requirements to prepare the data without the help of the Information Technology department.

HANA.EXPERT provides direct access to the data sources via connectors. We provide a tool that helps our clients to implement Rapid Deployment Data Blending projects in a matter of a few months. It accelerates the data blending and data preparation process while the business keeps control of the data without the continuous support from the Information Technology departments. The data blending output can be rendered using visualization tools such as Tableau, SAP Business Objects or QlikView.

HANA.EXPERT has brought to market a paradigm change in technology that attains the ultimate goal in data blending and data preparation. The world's first truly associative Database Technology. Each piece of data can be associated with any other pieces of information. There are NO Restrictions, NO Constraints, NO Rows, NO Views, and NO Cubes. The system uses single instance storage. The data is now quickly aggregated from thousands of multiple and different data sources, stored efficiently, thus significantly reducing storage costs. It is also easily manipulated and analyzed to extract real business information. Unlike linear relational or document based database models, associative databases are "N" dimensional. The advantages are numerous and impressive. The result is unlimited flexibility, exponentially improved performance, and significant cost benefit. We offer an aggregation engine that combines all disparate data into one data source, and make as many custom models from that as you want. The product offer real-time and always up to date as new data enters the system automatically updates such that a "report" is always the current information.

The Advantages are:

  • Speeds over 100 times faster than SQL row/table queries; no data is too large to gain business insight
  • The capacity to hold 1 EXABYTE of data using one third of disk space, significantly reducing data storage, hardware and maintenance costs
  • Single instance storage; no piece of data is ever duplicated making ETL (Extraction Transformation and Loading) operations and data cleansing fast, easy, and cost effective
  • Data type agnostic; automated data aggregation across hundreds of sources becomes easy, and seamless
  • No tables or indexing to maintain or understand; the application development time shrinks and complexity is reduced
  • Impenetrable security; with no name-space or storage structure binding, there is nothing to hack into!